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A British TV show has cast its entire class of actresses in swimwear to encourage women to feel confident in their natural body shape.

The actresses of a British TV show with different body shapes and ages changed into swimsuits for a photo shoot. They did it to say "natural body shape is okay". The group swimsuit photos will appear on advertising boards on the streets across the UK to "make other women feel confident about their own body shape".

No special effects, no fixes, to this class of actresses photographed by veteran rocker Bryan Adams.

One of the actresses, Porter, who is 70, said they did it because they were "sick of photos of women being photoshopped or embellished with software to look supposedly perfect".

The youngest of them is 27-year-old reality TV entertainer Solomon, and once called "Boba Jordan" 38-year-old actress Katie Price.

Porter is the oldest in this class of actresses. The actress, who has won fans since the 1980s with her image of "having style and brains," said that although the outside world has been critical of my appearance from time to time, I won't let them stop the course of my life.

She pointed out that many women do not have confidence in their appearance, which not only leads to a lack of self-confidence, but also seriously affects their lives in many ways.

She said that many women either control their diet or spend a lot of money on plastic surgery to get in good shape, hoping to retain their lost youth.

She said, "Women are always ridiculously ashamed of their body shape, and even go so far as to use photo software to beautify their photos, so that the repaired picture and their own judgment. Doing so only makes you less and less confident."

She says that although they are cheeky in their swimsuits in the photos, their message is a very serious one: regardless of what their bodies look like, it's time to have the courage to face themselves and say no to all kinds of beauty pictures!

"They want to be natural, they don't want retouching. They want to be real, they don't want to fake it. And I said to myself, "Yeah, that sounds really good!"


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