About Us

Mirimama™ was founded in 2022 with a passion for research in women's fashion, women's cosmetics and more, going beyond high quality category leading products.

Our main product directions are mainly cosmetics, sports, fashion and everyday products.

Our store is based on honesty and quality as a bridge. We are willing to make more friends. The business purpose of our store is: dedicate a piece of true love, harvest more trust. Our store mainly deals with women's cosmetics, women's fashion apparel mainly and daily necessities to help provide the right goods for different family needs.

Since its establishment on March 1, 2022, Melima has achieved a certain popularity and scale within three years based on the principle of honesty and starting from scratch. Everyone is looking for a more convenient lifestyle, and Merima provides consumers with a more comfortable lifestyle designed by individuals. We make life easier with our practical actions! We make life easier with practical actions! Practical actions also make us feel convenient and stylish!

At mirimama, you can find personalized collections for every profession, hobby, sport, passion or anything you can think of. Everything you need is on mirimama.