About Us(clothing)

Beedac women's clothing is a comprehensive chain of women's clothing design, development and sales in one, using the current advanced ODM (original design manufacturer) production method, the company to women's clothing business as the leading idea, adhering to the "channel to win, the model for the top" business philosophy, committed to build " O2O fast fashion women's clothing".

Its product design style adheres to the characteristics of fashion and romance, and is unique in its aesthetic value of the classic and unique collection of patterns into the square, mainly using high-quality cotton, chiffon, linen, silk, fur and other raw materials, and the application of printing and dyeing, embroidery, and other traditional clothing manufacturing process to achieve the harmony of classical and avant-garde, breeding a strong flavour and romantic mood, the Beedac The noble and elegant flavour is brought to the forefront. In China, Beedac integrates the advantages of talent, technology, transportation and information to establish an integrated base for training, warehousing and distribution, and logistics distribution in one.

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