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The Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse provides gentle yet effective hair removal - no allergies, black spots & stubble!

---------------User's Reviews----------------
Adam Chapman, USA

The Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse works faster and better than other shaving creams I've used. It removes unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz. It's been over two weeks and there is still no stubble. Also, I didn't need to put a hydrating lotion over it since it's moisturizing enough for me.

Jessica Tan, AUS

I have sensitive underarms that need constant shaving, and this has been the best product for me. This mousse gives long-lasting results without leaving my pits itchy and chafing. The results really last way longer than shaving. No burns, ingrowns, and redness.

Ayleen Brooks, Canada

The Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse is incredible! It really gives painless hair removal and slows down regrowth. This is the painless and more efficient alternative to waxing and shaving. Calms and softens my sensitive skin too!


Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Quickly & Painlessly

The Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse provides a perfectly clean and traceless hair removal without burning or damaging your skin. It strikes a balance between effectively getting rid of unwanted hairs all over the body and nourishing the skin with moisturising and soothing ingredients. On top of that, this cream delays hair regrowth and leaves you with a smooth, hair-free skin for weeks!

Its gentle formula doesn't sting and burn when applied on the skin. It is formulated to remove hair directly from the root, breaking down the keratin structure of the follicle so you can easily wipe the cream and hair away.

Withered follicle delays hair regrowth. So no more daily shaving or waxing that consumes too much of your time. You'll have smooth skin without black spots, ingrown hairs, or rough texture for up to three to five weeks!

The Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse is infused with skin-calming beeswax and a blend of nourishing plant essences to ensure your post-hair removal skin feels soft, soothed, and hydrated.


  • Natural Beeswax - Soothes & softens skin, making it supple; Contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergenic properties that prevent irritation and inflammation
  • Maltose + Olive Oil - Nourishes skin with moisturising maltose and pore conditioning olive oil; Prevents dryness, itchiness, and irritation
  • Glycerin - Retains skin moisture, making it soft, hydrated, and supple

Major Product Features:

  • Effectively and painlessly gets rid of unwanted hair in the face, arms, legs, underams, feet, back, and bikini area without harming your skin
  • Formulated with skin moisturising & nourishing ingredients that soothe and hydrate post-hair removal skin
  • Weakens and breaks off hair from the roots to delay regrowth, letting you stay hairless for weeks
  • Provides hair root peeling without damaging pores and leaving black spots, irritation, redness, or inflammation
  • Inhibits growth rate and shrinks pores
  • Prevents growth of harder and thicker hair
  • Has a light fragrance
  • Suitable for all skin types

The Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse is one of the very few hair removal creams that doesn't have an overpowering "chemical" odor. It's also packed with hydrating and soothing ingredients that prevent sensitivity. I can even use it in my bikini line without having to worry about the skin becoming irritated.” - Anna Fowler, beauty content creator


 How to Use:

  • Step 1: Shake the bottle and press the nozzle.
  • Step 2: Spray evenly across the area and leave it on for 5-8 minutes.
  • Step 3: To check if hairs are already detached, gently test a small area. Completely wipe it clean if hair already starts falling off.
  • Note: Don't leave it on for more than 12 minutes.

Sara Taylor put the Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse to a 4-week test and shares her experience.

I have hairy arms and legs that need constant shaving, and it always feels like a chore to me. Waxing is absolutely a no-no because I just couldn’t just go through that pain again. I came across the Gentle™ Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse online and decided to try it to see if it really lives up to the “painless shaving” claims.

Week 1:

I tried the hair removal cream, and the experience was good. It was so easy to apply and wipe or wash off. Hairs got broken on their own! It was really a painless experience. No burning sensation, no strong smell, and no over dryness and itchiness after the process.

Week 3:

I took a photo of my arms and legs. As you can see, skin is hairless and smooth. Absolutely no chicken skin and rough texture.

Week 4:

Still hairless! I’m blown away by this product. This is just perfect. It gave me results that look like it was done by a professional. Saved me all the trouble of daily shaving. And no ingrown hairs!


Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 100ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Storage method: Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Ingredients: Natural Beeswax, Maltose, Olive Oil, Glycerin

Package Includes:

  • 1 x  Beeswax Hair Removal Mousse

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