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Mirimama™ Satin Underbust Corset with Hip Ties

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Are you a curvy girl looking to accent your figure? You are going to love our hourglass shape with hip ties!

We created this gorgeous waist trainer with zip ties that can be worn closed for regular curves or fashion, or open to accommodate extra curvy figures.

This longline steel-boned waist trainer is made out of luxurious satin fabric and can add several inches (up to 8") to the hip spring of your corset for our natural curviest ladies. The contoured and curvy shape of this corset is the perfect complement to the adjustable hip ties for added flare and fit. It is made with a contoured underbust line that is curved to fit directly under the bust and is longer in the torso than our regular underbust corset. One of our best options for fuller figures! The corset is completely lined with a cotton polyester blend.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee | Hourglass Curve Silhouette


  • Hourglass Curve Silhouette
  • 100% Durable Polyester Satin Outer Layer Fabric
  • 80% Cotton 20% Polyester Premium Lining for Comfort
  • Strong Waist Tape Reinforcement for Enhanced Waist Training
  • Pre-laced in a Bidirectional Fashion with High Strength Cordage for Waist TrainingRigid Split Front Steel Busk


Average/Long Torso Length

  • 9" Rib Spring & 10" Hip Spring
  • Dimensions: 15" Front Busk / 16.25" Center Bust / 12.25" Back / 11.5" Side

How to put on a corset by yourself?

  • 1. Loosen the corset by undoing the center loops and pulling the back of the corset apart 6-7" but don't undo the laces at the bottom of the corset.
  • 2. Carefully line up the two sides of your busk on the front of the corset. Line up the pins and the holes and clip the busk together.
  • 3. Tighten the lacing. Starting from the top. Next, go to the bottom of the lacing and pull the laces tighter there. Then working the bottom half of the lacing tighter.
  • 4. Tie off the loose lacing on the back of your corset.
  • 5. There is a panel at the back of the corset which you can use to cover up your back under the lacing(optional) or fold it into the corset for a more exposed look for your back under the lace-up.

Our Size Chart For Your Reference:

S 24-27.5
M 28.5-29.5
L 27.5-31.5

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