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Mirimama™ Glitter Nail Extension Gel

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2022 Latest Glitter Nail Extension Gel

📢Please don't waste your money on piracy and damage your nails

💕Why choose us? because we use the best raw materials to beautify your nails and take care of them at the same time!

Gone are the days of nail salons!

Going to the nail salon every 2 to 4 weeks to get your nails done costs you precious time and money each time.

Sticky nails can peel and break quickly.

Today, acrylic and gel nails are also bad for your nails.

Stop using the old traditional method of getting your nails done. With our nail extension jiao, you can now get beautiful nails quickly without the time, expense and damage of salon work.

Forget about the time spent with the nail technician.

Why pay for a manicure and miss out on all the fun associated with it?

If nail art is your true passion, this kit is designed for you!

Now you can experiment with your nails and make the millions of nail design ideas in your head your own.

Now you can experiment with your nails and turn the millions of nail design ideas piling up in your head into your own beautiful nails. Short or long?

It depends, you tell me.

Nail extensions can be used at home anytime! Feel the joy of doing your own nails now

With this nail gel, you can easily shape and lengthen your nails at home.

You shape the gel to the size of your nail and place it on the nail bed.

Fill in the desired length with a brush and let it dry for 5 minutes or with a UV lamp Then, file it to the desired shape and use a topcoat to obtain an extra gloss or matte finish.

Long or short, anything is possible

Finding a nail service can be very tiring as it not only requires a long wait at the salon, but also leaves dents in your pocket.

Nail extension gel is one of the best options.

It uses the latest technology in nail care to make your nails grow fast and tight.

It lasts longer without warping or denting.


  • Break resistant and durable, 21+ days of wear;
  • Easy to use, 3 seconds to present perfect nails
  • Flexi-fit, Perfectly to the nail;
  • For a seamless look, natural and beautiful.
  • Selected versatile colors for elegant daily looks and charming party outfits.
  • Offers natural nail extension and strong protection to nails.
  • Long-lasting and not easy to peel off.
  • Made with healthy ingredients. Friendlyto your natural nails.
  • Suitable for both professional nail techsand beginners.

Save more money with extension nail polish

Using nail extension glue can save you from expensive, painful procedures and time.

Since you usually go to a nail salon, you don't have to do this anymore.

Save on parking fees and beautify your nails in the comfort of your own home.

Your nails, your party!

✨ We are selling 300 pieces for only $35.90 so more people can use really good nail extension gel. after 300 pieces, we will go back to the original price of $54.

Our extension gel uses the latest technology, 2-in-1 base gel and nail gel

1. Our developed formula Glue Gel provides the best break resistant support to your extended nails.

2. This Multi-functional Nail Glue is not only for nail tips adhesive, but also can be used as Base Gel! Let it do the magic with you!


  • Product Size:1.2*3.4*0.8in/15g
  • Product color: 9 colors
  • Main components: high quality resin

🔥Only $12.89<<click here>> Solid Color Nail Extension Gel

💖If you need a solid color nail glue, please click the link above to purchase.

You can easily extend your nails and enjoy the DIY fun! Whether you are doing nail art at home, doing sports, or using it in the studio.

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