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HairCatcher | Remove pet hair in one wash!

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Are your clothes and bedding always covered with hair too?


Obsessed with pets? But it's definitely not her hair! And when they get stuck on your clothes, it gets even worse. But the worst part? They get into the washing machine and clog the filters.

With HairCatcher™️ you can easily remove pet hair and fluff that is stuck to your freshly washed clothes. It rotates in the washing machine  with the laundry and captures the lint  without affecting the quality of the laundry!


Why our customers LOVE this product

✔ Innovative Design:  This catcher is equipped with a mesh bag and three rotating balls. Lint, fur and hair fall into the net as the balls spin, making your clothes neat and clean.

✔ Convenient to Use:  Using this filter is a breeze. Simply place it in your washing machine during your regular wash cycle and it will get to work, gently separating pet hair and fur from your clothes.

✔ Totally Safe:  This catcher is made of harmless material. It will not damage your clothes in any way. It's a safe, reusable, and effective tool that goes in your washer or dryer and gently removes pet hair from your clothes.


Materials: Nylon Mesh, Foam, PVC
Dimensions: 15 x 8cm
Color: Blue, Purple, Pink
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