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Mirimama™ Eyebrow Eyelash Lengthening Liquid

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Mirimama™ nourishing liquid for eyelashes

Visible changes in just two weeks!

Soft and comfortable brush. Nutrition and natural volume.

Nourishes lashes from root to tip, adds thickness, solves the problem of short, sparse eyelashes.

Save the beauty of your eyes. Nourishes the hair roots.

Plant extracts nourish the lashes, making them elastic and beautiful

Thick and black. The various nourishing ingredients moisturize the lashes, giving them the density and natural black shade

Natural flexibility. Thicken the lashes, making them flexible and resistant to damage.
The lengthening liquid will help to solve the problem of your eyelashes. Natural and thick eyelashes.
Eyelashes are sparse, not dense. Lowered not curled eyelashes. Short eyelashes.
Protection for the eyelashes
Gives eyelashes a silky texture, flexibility, density, accelerates growth, prevents hair loss.

Three-dimensional nutrition and flexibility
Nourishes the entire surface of the eyelashes, gives them flexibility and elasticity, gives the look of beauty and charm.
Nourishing liquid texture gives lashes a silky and thickness, gives the look of beauty and charm.
Natural and long eyelashes, deep and irresistible look
The extension thickness

Method of use
Upper lashes. Apply the liquid to the roots of eyelashes along the lash line, whirl your brush 2-3 times.
Lower lashes. Apply the liquid in a thin layer along the roots of the lashes, move the brush 1-2 times.
Apply the product on dry lashes.

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