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Boost Your Grip Strength!

The Official Gripper™ is designed to improve the strength, dexterity, and flexibility of your forearm, wrist, fingers, and hands. Providing a nice pump to your forearms that will make your veins pop! Consistency is key to seeing results. 

Why Is Grip Strength Important?

The Official Gripper™ is suitable for everyone of all ages, and is especially useful for:
  • Daily activities: Having a strong grip is essential for performing daily activities such as carrying grocery bags, opening jars, and using tools.
  • Athletics: Grip strength is critical for many athletic activities, including rock climbing, weightlifting, and wrestling.
  • Injury prevention: Strong grip can help prevent injuries such as wrist strains and sprains. It can also help prevent falls by improving balance and stability.
  • Health indicators: Studies have found that grip strength is associated with overall health and longevity. Lower grip strength has been linked to higher mortality rates, especially in older adults.

The Optimum Workout!

We recommend 15-20 minutes of exercise per day. 5 sets of 10 with 30 seconds break between each set is plenty. Use a weight that is comfortable for you but still challenging. If your forearms become sore, rest them for one or two days. 

How To Use The Gripper:

Step 1: Strap it around your wrist.
Step 2: Choose your weight setting.
Step 3: Place your fingers in the ring slots
Step 4: Extend your fingers, and clench your fist on the bottom part of the movement.
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