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Free shipping on all items over 59.99$

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Mirimama's NailSpark™ Polygel Easy Nail Kit

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Instantly get Super Cute Nails in 10 Minutes at Home!

I am in LOVE at how easy this was to do! I was getting sick of doing acrylics; takes too long so this was an awesome alternative. The thickness is perfect and mine lasted around 2.5 weeks.  I did trim my nails down but still on and no chips, no lifting. And the colors are soo cute, excited to try more colors :) - 5/5 A.S - Verified Review

Use creativity to create exquisite

Natural Looking nails that last up to 3 Weeks

What is Mirimama’s NailSpark™ Polygel Easy Nail Kit?

Mirimama’s NailSpark™ Polygel Easy Nail Kit is the easiest way to get long-lasting Spa-quality nails without paying for an Expensive manicure every 2 weeks. Made with skin-safe and nonabrasive chemicals to last long and keep your nails healthy. Our DIY kit is designed for you to change up your nails anytime at home perfect for upcoming holidays and events. It has the durability of acrylic nails without harmful chemicals and lasts up to 3 weeks. 

Explore our 15 Color Selection and look out for new colors every month!

What's included per kit?

Each kit includes 1 Poly gel, 20 nail tips, 1 Nail brush, 1 Nail cuticle pusher, 1 Nail clip, and 1 UV Free Gift for your first order!

Each Gel can be used up to 5 times 10 nails full set. That's $0.46 per Nail! 

How do you remove Mirimama's NailSpark™ Polygel?

To begin, mix some olive oil with warm soapy water and soak your nails in the solution for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. After this time has elapsed, carefully remove your polygel nails and use rubbing alcohol wipes to clean them. If the nails prove difficult to remove, simply soak them in the solution for an additional 5 to 10 minutes, making sure to add extra warm water as needed.

How long does Mirimama's NailSpark™ Polygel last?

With good nail prep and using the base and top coat, they should last around 2- 3 weeks!

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We will donate 10% of the profit to Save the Children in your name for every order.

Since 1932, Save the Children has been on the ground providing support to the most isolated and underserved children in rural America. 

Details: 2023 Release

  • Natural Looking and easy to put on
  • Super affordable nails at 5 manicures per gel
  • Lasts up to 2-3 weeks


  • x1 Polygel for Gel Only
  • For kit:
    • x1 Polygel
    • x20 nail tips
    • x1 Nail brush
    • x1 Nail clip
      x10 Mini square sponge file
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