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Neck and Shoulder Stretcher - 50% OFF

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Simply lie on the neck traction pillow and let the weight of your head gently stretch your upper shoulder and front neck muscles.

Correct forward head/neck postures

Simple and effective physical solutions to relieve stiffness, headaches and other neck problems. Helps restore proper curvature of the cervical spine. 

Our Cervical Traction Pillow targets acupuncture points in the neck area, relieving pressure from neck and shoulder pain, bulging discs, pinched nerves and sore muscles.

  • Naturally relieves neck pain, tension headaches, upper back and TMJ stiffness and fatigue.
  • Decompresses and hydrates the discs and restores the natural alignment of the cervical spine without medication or surgery.
  • Counteracts neck hunchback (widow's hump), arched back and corrects forward head/neck posture to help you stand with confidence.

Using our cervical spine traction cushion increases the height of the discs and gives the nerves more space, which can lead to increased blood flow, which reduces muscle tension and pain by eliminating inflammatory elements.

This saves a lot of money for massage, physical therapy and chiropractic.

  • Reducing the frequency of doctor visits
  • Reduces the risk of unnecessary surgery 
  • Having your own chiropractor at home saves you time and money
  • 2 traction options for different neck conditions
  • For a standard traction, choose the S-curve. For strong traction choose the Z-curve. 

Nowadays, everyday activities such as sitting at a desk, looking at screens and using mobile phones in totally unnatural postures usually lead to neck pain, stiffness, headaches and poor posture. Its long-term effects can lead to chronic inflammation, arthritis, and herniated discs. They restrict your life and make you dependent on strong painkillers.

By using our neck traction pillow for just 8-10 minutes a day, you can repair the extensive damage in your neck area and be more flexible and active like you naturally should be.

Relieves pinched nerves and decompresses the intervertebral discs

Ready to use in seconds, effective for chronic neck pain, stress and tension headaches, insomnia, shoulder tension, jaw pain and more.

Ideal for teachers, nurses, athletes, bodybuilders, drivers, office workers, gardeners and anyone who needs a good neck stretch.

Just 8-10 minutes a day can help relieve neck pain, release neck tension, relieve stubborn headaches and migraines, and restore proper neck posture. 

Corrects deformities and relieves pain

Relaxers and neck pillows gently and naturally stretch the neck to decompress the spine, increase circulation and stretch muscles while straightening the cervical spine.


  • Product Size: 21*21.5*13.5cm

Package includes:

  • 1 x relaxer and neck pillow


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