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Newly upgraded waterproof eyebrow powder stamp

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2022 latest upgrade practical goodies eyebrow powder stamp💖

📢 Please don't waste your money on piracy and damage your face.

✨ Why choose us? Because we have upgraded the packaging as well as the practicality, compared to the old model in the function is more excellent!

eyebrows have become a part of our lives and an important part of our self-confidence. The long-lasting brow print effect keeps your eyebrows in their best condition, keeping them clean and undistorted all day long, and shaping ever-changing eyebrow shapes.

Are you tired of slim and non-existent eyebrows?

Have you lost your fuller, more youthful brows due to years of plucking and medication?

Our eyebrow powder stamp can turn thin, sparse eyebrows into fuller, well-defined, natural-looking brows in seconds .

Water and stain resistant formula guaranteed for over 24 hours, dermatologist tested, vegan and cruelty free

Instead of taking as long as traditional eyebrow drawing, you can achieve flawless brows in seconds every time with the Eyebrow Stamp!

Guaranteed long-lasting eyebrows

The Brow Powder Stamp helps you keep your sweet brows in place all day long.

Made with waterproof and smudge-proof ingredients, you can swim, work out or doze off without losing your brows.

With just one swipe, you'll have natural-looking brows for over 24 hours.

Whether you're in the heat and humidity or in the cold, the natural look will stay with you all day.

Subsequent purchases will save you time and money and keep your brows thick for years to come.

Suitable for Most of Face Shapes:

We hired beauty experts to help us design and consult many customers, collected Superstars' and famous Beauty Makeup Youtuber' eyebrow all over the world to create the perfect brow templates.

Our brow stencils and eyebrow pencils have been upgraded and improved to meet the makeup needs of 98% people, you can choose the most suitable style for you, complete the best eyebrow shape, full of confidence to go out and show your charm.

And we also welcome YOU to feedback your experience to update our product according to your brow shape, that would be our honor to provide best service for special you. Just order this and get your natural beauty!

LOOK NATURAL - Like your real brows.

The powder is smooth and well blended with the skin. Give an excellent make-up for a natural effect.

🌟We are selling 200 of these for $25.99 so that more people can use this very nice eyebrow stamp. after 200, we will go back to the original price of $38.

Eyebrow stamps not only beautify eyebrows, but also forehead, sideburns, hairline, etc.

Waterproof and smudge-proof - No need to worry about your eyebrows melting or washing away.

The good or bad eyebrows are related to the whole face makeup, sometimes the unexpected situation, so you do not have a long time to take care of your eyebrows, so we developed this product to solve women's problems as a starting point


Product Name:Stamped Eyebrow Powder

Product Specifications:4.3*5.9*1.1in

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