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Mirimama™ UV Handheld Bed Vacuum with Beat


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Allergies and most skin infections caused by Matt Bacteria!

Microbial secretions produce microscopic bacteria that are only 0.2 m in size, which are able to attach to human skin. It causes itching, discomfort and allergic skin reactions.
How to get rid of fine dust - bacteria
Easy to clean sheets and pillows and blankets
Clean the dust and pet hair on the sofa.
clean carpet
Remove dirt from flannel shirts, vests, silk...
Disinfect, clean the fine dust on teddy bears, children's toys.
Curtains that have a lot of dust are rarely cleaned.
Uses a premium rechargeable Li-ion battery.
- Not afraid of tangling the wires when in use
- can be used in all areas no power plug required
Battery life up to 1 hour
The ultraviolet spectrum of UV rays destroys the membrane structure of bacteria in an instant like a child and then completely destroys them.
Therefore, almost no pathogenic bacteria can survive after the machine is running.
Guaranteed that all types of dirt whether big or small was thoroughly sucked out after a single operation.
Powerful dust extraction technology up to 10,000 PA
Powerful dust extraction technology up to 10,000 PA
Dust, mold, dead bacteria, hair... are sucked into the filter with strong suction.
The suction power is 4 times stronger than a normal handheld vacuum cleaner.
Step 1: Here is the separation of large dust particles, hair, and the amount of bacteria and mold absorbed.
Step 2: HEPA Filter - Absorbs fine dust, hair, microfibers, germs and bacteria that will cling to the slits.
Step 3: High Quality Sponge Membrane - Filters Fine Dust Removes bacterial plaque with a small microscope.
You'll be shocked by the huge amount of dust, bacteria and mold in your sheets and mattresses after cleaning.
Dust, bacteria ... after removing from the machine
Dust: affects breathing, skin,
bacteria, fungi...: causes acne, skin irritation.
All will be completely eliminated.
All will be completely eliminated.
A worthwhile upgrade
  • 1. Product: Vacuum cleaner, disinfect bed sheets,
  • 2. Product code: mattresses 
  • 3. Capacity: SR-269
  • 4. Voltage: 50W
  • 2. Charging cable length: 7,4 V
  • 3. Vacuum pressure: 1 mét
  • 4. Dust bin capacity: 10.000 pa
  • 5. Weight: 0.7 kg
  • 6. Noise :< 85 dB  

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